Wynn's Multiserv



Injection - Air Intake - Turbo - DPF
4-in-1 machine for cleaning the entire fuel system.
Patent pending.

No dismantling of parts.
Simple connection and easy to use.
Completely autonomous.
Innovative and safe technology for the vehicle.
Products fully adapted to the different engines and the requirements of each service.
Guaranteed professional efficiency.
Is powered by the vehicle’s battery (12 V).
Comes with complete set of adapters for the European market.


New 4-in-1 cleaning machine: injection, air intake, turbo, DPF. The MultiSERVE cleans the whole fuel system. The machine works with Wynn's products, especially formulated for the MultiSERVE. It reduces harmful emissions, prevents over consumption due to contamination and recovers the performance of the vehicle. The MultiSERVE is the secret weapon of every work shop to clean the whole fuel system.

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