DPF Cleaner & Regenerator

Part Number: 31592 - 325ml

The emissions from diesel engines contain much higher levels of soot particles than petrol or LPG engines. Soot is caused by the incomplete combustion of fuel in the engine and is emitted with the exhaust gases. These fine particles are harmful to both humans and the environment. To reduce these harmful emissions vehicle manufacturers now fit soot filters to vehicles which are designed to reduce soot emissions and are able to filter out more than 80% of the carbon smoke particulates.

The complex structure of a DPF facilitates the trapping of the Particulate Matter (PM) or soot and when adsorption reaches a specific level, the PM Dtrapped inside needs to be removed.

If the automatic “Burn Off” process of the PM doesn’t activate, the DPF will stop functioning and a DPF warning light will come on.

The revolutionary solution to this problem is the use of Wynn’s® DPF Cleaner & Regenerator, which enables the regeneration process to occur at a lower exhaust gas temperature. This allows the vehicle to automatically regenerate more often, even though the driving conditions do not produce a high enough exhaust temperature.

By adding Wynn’s® DPF Cleaner & Regenerator into the diesel fuel, the Cerium component of the chemical reduces the carbon deposit decomposition (burning) temperatures to 450˚C to 500˚C. This greatly widens the window for the vehicles to regenerate the DPF. The effect of this phenomenon is more frequent burn off at lower driving speeds, overcoming the problem of DPF blocking in city driving cycles described earlier.

Wynn’s® Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner & Regenerator for Professional use is a chemical treatment for diesel engines that clears blocked particulate filters and reduces soot emissions.


• Clears and regenerates blocked soot filters
• Burns off soot particles while driving
• Avoids frequent maintenance costs due to clogged soot filter
• Optimizes combustion and lowers fuel consumption
• Especially suited for stop, start city driving

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