Diesel Re-Charge Kit

Part Number: 10382 - 12 x Twin Packs

Modern high pressure and common rail diesel fuel systems can be difficult to locate and connect service equipment to, taking up valuable labour charge out time.

Due to the location of injectors in modern diesel engines, they are especially prone to hard deposits because of the high temperatures they are exposed to during combustion.

These deposits are comprised of built up residue from the burnt diesel fuel. The deposits can build up and harden in the injectors and combustion chamber, significantly affecting the performance and efficiency of the engine.

Deposits created on the tip of diesel injectors can cause injector fouling or interruption of the normal fuel spray pattern. This can result in poor performance, decreased fuel economy and increased emissions.

Engineered to meet the vehicle needs of yesterday, today and tomorrow, the Wynn’s® Diesel Filter RE-CHARGE Kit is the ultimate diesel fuel system cleaner. This kit includes two highly concentrated and highly effective products specifically formulated for cleaning diesel fuel systems, and preventing issues from arising.

Wynn’s® Diesel Filter RE-CHARGE is the innovative solution for diesel fuel systems that are difficult to connect service equipment to in order to remove injector and combustion chamber deposits. The formula is proven to effectively eliminate and prevent internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) and nozzle deposits in today’s modern diesel engine.

Extensively trialled in both the XUD-9 and new DW10 tests, the performance of this deposit control additive is best in its class. In the field, it has proven to restore proper injector spray patterns and combustion efficiency, resulting in overall increased power, maximised fuel economy and reduced emissions.


  • Remove diesel injector deposits
  • Maximise fuel economy
  • Improves acceleratioin
  • Easy starting
  • B10 Compatible
  • Prevents 'diesel bug'
  • Unparalleled 'One Treatment' Deposit Removal Performance
  • Cleans injectors & restores proper injector spray pattern
  • Reduce emissions and exhaust particulates
  • Outstanding performance in both the XUD-9 test and the most recent DW10 test
  • Compensates for lack of lubricity in low sulphur fuels
  • Safe to use with oxygen sensors, DPF and other emission controls