Wynn's Diesel System Purge

Wynn’s Diesel System Purge 15401 15405 is a highly concentrated diesel fuel system cleaner, designed to restore lost power, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.


The Wynn’s FuelSystemSERVE® is an extremely userfriendly machine which easily connects to the diesel fuel system in place of the normal fuel supply using one of the included adapters. Wynn’s Diesel System Purge is a highly concentrated and highly effective cleaning chemical specifically formulated to clean diesel fuel systems, especially the hard to remove injector and combustion chamber deposits.

This product is delivered into the vehicle’s fuel system, providing a Diesel Fuel System Service that will remove deposits from the diesel injectors, combustion chamber and other areas of the diesel fuel system. 
Wynn’s MUULTISERVE® and Wynn’s Diesel System Purge are the perfect solution for workshops looking for ultimate in a profitable, effective and user-friendly Diesel Fuel System Service. Wynn’s Diesel System Purge is formulated as the solution for removal of diesel fuel system deposits to restore performance, maximise fuel economy and minimise emissions.


  • Cleans diesel injectors and  combustion chambers. 
  • Restores proper injector spray pattern.
  • Increases fuel economy.
  • Restores overall engine performance.
  • Reduces particulate emissions

Directiosn for use:

The chemical is put into the Wynn’s FuelSystemSERVE® tank. This product does not have to be diluted and may be circulated back to the fuel tank. It will not harm any fuel system components, including fuel system sensors, filters, catalytic converters, particulate traps and plastic materials such as those sometimes found on injection pumps. 
To ensure best cleaning results are achieved, its important to install the supply and return hoses after the fuel filter which prevents the dilution of the chemical. 
After completing this cleaning service, add Wynn’s Diesel Inject-A-Clean (Product No. 53501) in the diesel tank for continued fuel system maintenance and improved performance.