Wynn's Worn Engine Treatment

Part Number: 67301 - 325ml

Wynn’s® Professional Worn Engine Treatment improves the high temperature viscosity of engine oil & protects against further wear to worn engines. Wynn’s® Worn Engine Treatment is professionally formulated to improve compression for better performance & to quieten most engine noise by providing extra cushioning & lubrication protection with the added enhancement of Wynn’s® Friction Proofing™.

Wynn’s® Worn Engine Treatment is suitable for all petrol, LPG & four-stroke diesel engines in cars & trucks. It is not suitable for two-stroke diesel engines.

Features & Benefits:

  • Restores cylinder compression & performance in worn engines
  • Reduces oil consumption & exhaust smoke due to oil bypassing worn cylinder rings
  • Improves cold starting
  • Helps to maintain oil pressure at high temperatures
  • Improves lubrication
  • Decreases engine noises by providing a cushioning film between worn parts.