Wynn's Multi-Fleet Grease

Part Number: 51020 450g 51045 20kg

Wynn's Multi Fleet Grease is formulated to NGLI Grade No.3 consistency for heavy duty and extreme-pressure applications within the transport, earthmoving,marine,rurual and mining industries.

Wynn's Multi-Fleet Grease is a lithium soap thickened grease with the following characteristics: High adhesion, water wash resistance,extreme shock load protection, high termal and oxidatiion stability.


  • Resists hammering, slingout,and throw off due to complex structual features imparted by very adherent tackifiers.
  • Displays extremly good water wash-out  and humidity resistence due to the nature of fibrous lithium soap thickener.
  • Unquie and demonstratable ability to withstand extreme pressure and shock loading while providing supirior antiwear protection
  • Broad operation in low and high tempretures applications.


  • Road Transport- Shackels, torsion bars, uni joints, brake arms,turntables and general chassis joints.
  • Eartmoving- Bucket Bins,bushes,slides,cams and gears.
  • Rurual- Tractors, pumps,mowers,harvesters,trucks,trailers,tillers,seeders,drills and cultivators.
  • Marine- Bushes,shackles,deck winches and jibs
  • Mining- Drill rigs,excavators,shovels,dumptrucks, jaw crushers,conveyors,pumps,mills,dozers,underground miners and shuttle cars.