Wynn's Hydraulic Lifter Treatmentâ„¢

Part Number: 51144 - 325ml

Wynn’s® Professional Formula Hydraulic Lifter Treatment™ is a cleaning & lubricating oil additive, specially formulated to quieten down noisy lifters & restore engine performance & power. It is the latest result of the Wynn’s® product development program, utilising Wynn’s® patented Friction Proofing™ technology. 

Wynn’s® Hydraulic Lifter Treatment™ is suitable for petrol, diesel & LPG car engines with & without turbochargers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Formulated to quieten down noisy lifters.
  • Frees sticking valve stems & moving parts.
  • Helps prevent hydraulic lifter chatter.
  • Does not contain lead or copper.
  • Dissolves gums & varnish deposits in the oil galleries.
  • Compatible with common mineral & synthetic engine oils.
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