Wynn's AutoFeed OP Grease

Number: 51220 20 kg

WYNN'S AUTOFEED EP O GREASE is a premium lithium-soap thickened grease of NLGI Grade No. 0 consistency, formulated to outperform ordinary No. 0 grade greases in all applications particularly the heavily loaded, extreme pressure and high wear conditions found in Australia and New Zealand. This complex formulation contains the unique Wynn's Friction Proofing package and displays good thermal stability, and resistance to moisture and corrosion. It reduces operating temperatures, increases bearing life and extends re-greasing intervals.


• Wynn's Friction Proofing is engineered to overcome high frictional loads, wear and subsequent bearing failure by treating the bearing surface with a package of unique extreme pressure compounds.

• Reduces bearing temperatures thereby promoting longer bearing life and extending re-greasing intervals due to reduced grease oxidation.

• High moisture and corrosion resistance due to the stable lithium-soap base, combined with a unique oxidation/corrosion inhibitor package.

Wynn's Autofeed EP O Grease is formulated to:

• Separate opposing metal surfaces thereby reducing wear.

• Have a dropping point in excess of 180°C.

• Be stable over a wide temperature range.

• Resist breakdown as a result of mechanical action.

• Meet the requirements of NLGI grade No. 0.

• Prevent rust and corrosion of metallic components underhumid and wet conditions.

Extend grease life by reducing oxidation.

• Reduce the formation of high temperature deposits.

• Extend component life by preventing wear.

• Provide protection over a wide range of operating


• Reduce operating temperatures under high load conditions.

• Prevent scuffing and galling.


Wynn's Autofeed EP O Grease meets the lubrication requirements of a wide variety of applications that call for a No. 0 grease.

• Bearings - Industrial and Automotive

• Grease lubricated journals

• Fine mesh gears

• Flexible gear couplings

• Automatic greasers

• Ball and universal joints

• Autofeed applicators

Wynn's Autofeed EP O Grease is particularly suited to industry and fleet applications including agriculture and mining industries. Wynn's Autofeed EP O Grease is compatible with most lithium based greases but for best results, removal of the old grease is recommended. Apply using commercially available grease applicators depending on the specific application.