Enviro Diesel Treatment

Part Number: 53132 

Wynn's Enviro Diesel Treatment has been extensively tested in both the laboratory and in the field with impressive results to give the following performance benefits:

  • Cleans injectors effectively
  • Offers exceptional lubricity for reduced fuel system wear
  • Reduces exhuast emissions
  • Improves economy and power
  • Provides strong biocidal defence against bacteria, yeast and fungi
  • Reduces water entrainment and prevents stable emulsion formulation
  • Enhances fuel stability in storage
  • Provides superior corrosion protection
  • Reduces the tendency to foam and decreases the stability of foam found in diesel fuel
  • Suitable for high pressure, common rail diesel fuel systems and also conventional diesel fuel systems.
  • Compatible with oxygen sensors and common emission control measures EG. Diesel Particulate Filters.


Ideally suited for dosing and treatment of bulk storage tanks, diesel engines in cars, trucks, tractors, buses, generators, marine engines, furnaces and boilers burning diesel fuels, distillate and residual fuels.