Wynn's Wash & Wax 20LT

Wynn's  Wash ‘N’ Wax is a concentrated, rich gel that has been specially formulated to gently break through the toughest road grime whilst leaving a streak free, mirror like sheen on all vehicles.

Wynn's Wash ‘N’ Wax contains a special blend of cleaning agents including rust inhibitors and wax to leave a protective coating on your vehicle with frequent usage.

Wynn's Wash ‘N’ Wax is pH neutral & biodegradable.Achieve an outstanding shine from the very first wash!

Wynn's Wash ‘N’ Wax is safe to use on any painted surface including clear-coated and modern metallic finishes Can be applied by a sprayer, foam gun, pressure washer or diluted in a bucket for sponge application.


  • Cleans and Protects
  • Concentrated Formula
  • Biodegradable
  • Free Rinsing with Rust inhibitor
  • Can be used with Applicators
  • Leaves long lasting shine
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