Wynn's Viscotene

Product Number:  80005 5 litre

WYNN'S VISCOTENE is a semi-synthetic lubricant displaying tenacious resistance to water wash-off, chemical attack and steam exposure. It contains extremely tacky polymers of very high viscosity index, high film-strength surface-active compounds, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, combined with Wynn's Friction Proofing package of extreme pressure compounds.Wynn’s Viscotene has the approval of AQIS of the Department of Primary Industries and Energy.


  •  EXTREMELY ADHERENT-Wynn's Viscotene, once applied, will remain in place on equipment that tends to drop or throw-off conventional lubricants (such as conveyors,chains and wire ropes).It will maintain adhesion even under severe conditions such as water wash, steam, and when exposed to chemically harsh environments.
  • HIGH LOAD CARRYING CAPABILITY-The high film-strength characteristics are a combination of high viscosity base oils, synthetic polymers and non-mineral oil synergy. This ensures that Wynn's Viscotene will carry extremely high loads and shock loads usually found at very low equipment speeds and/or revolutions. It also quietens noisy open gear sets.
  •  HIGH VISCOSITY INDEX-This is a measure of Wynn's Viscotene's ability to perform well under a broad range of operating temperatures. Wynn's Viscotene has a Viscosity Index (VI) in excess of 300, whereas most conventional oils have a VI of around only 100. Wynn's Viscotene can operate satisfactorily over the range 5°C to 130°C, and satisfactorily up to 200°C for short intervals.
  • WYNN'S FRICTION PROOFING-This unique blend of anti-wear extreme pressure agents is formulated to ensure wear is kept to a minimum. Should extraordinary shock loads or extreme pressure be experienced, these surface-active agents reduce significantly the possibility of extreme wear, seizing and at worst, failure of the lubricated components. Combined with a proprietary blend of oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, this product is able to withstand extreme temperature, pressure and other hostile environments while ensuring maximum equipment protection.


Wynn's Viscotene is a unique lubricating compound, blended with extreme pressure and anti-friction additives. It provides excellent lubricity and water resistance characteristics under a wide range of conditions. It reduces vibration, noise and lubrication leaks. It resists water penetration.Wynn's Viscotene is extremely adherent to metals at ambient temperatures. It remains viscous at high temperatures. It withstands outdoor exposure, brine, steam humidity, and chemical attack.

Wynn's Viscotene is a truly multi-functional lubricant and may be used in:

• conveyor systems, open gears, chains, belts and elevators.

• wire ropes and blocks.

• hydraulic press guide columns.

• open sprockets and chains on concrete mixers.

• constant velocity joints.

• chain drive of bicycles, motorcycles and chainsaws.

• machine tool lead screws, ways and tables.

• Any general lubrication exposed to water, steam or chemicals.