Wynn's Cooling System Flush Kit

Part Number: 10197 -   6 x Twin Packs
For use with Wynn’s® Cooling System Flush Kit #07601

Wynn’s® Radiator Flush & De-Oiler
Features & Benefits

  • Removes scale
  • Removes oil & grease deposits
  • Removes rust & debris
  • Cleans cooling systems quickly & safely
  • Restores coolant flow and heat transfer efficiency
  • Safe for rubber hoses, seals and all metals in the cooling system
  • Recommended for use when changing the cooling system fluid
  • Particularly effective when cleaning older cooling systems

Wynn’s® Radiator Sealant

Features & Benefits

  • Premium water based formula to stop radiator & cooling system leaks
  • Compatible with conventional as well as long life organic acid based & hybrid antifreeze/coolant formulations
  • Lubricate water pump seals & prevent pump cavitation
  • Compatible with all “TYPE A” & “TYPE B” coolants