Wynn's Power Steer Flush Kit

Part Number: 10091 - 12 x Twin Packs

Power Steering Fluid degrades over time and mileage as it is subjected to extreme heat and pressure.

Degraded fluid can cause:
• Power steering system noise.
• Decreased steering performance, especially on cold starts.
• Decreased life of power steering components.

Wynn’s® Power Steering Flush

Features & Benefits:

  • Remove harmful power steering system deposits & impurities
  • Condition & revitalise power steering system seals
  • Restore power steering system performance
  • Reduce wear and noise
  • Help postpone or eliminate the need to replace power steering components
  • Help prevent internal power steering fluid leakage from developing

Wynn’s® Power Steering Treatment

Features & Benefits:

  • Conditions & revitalises seals to help stop & prevent leaks
  • Provide extra lubrication & reduce power steering pump wear
  • Stop & prevent power steering squeaks & chatter
  • Resists water contamination
  • Help extend the life of power steering components