Wynn's High Performance Lube Supplement

Product Number: 59402 2 x 5 litre

WYNN’S HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBRICANT SUPPLEMENT is formulated to improve the performance and service life of extreme pressure gear oils. The multi-function formula contains viscosity index improvers, anti-foamants, anti-oxidants, corrosioninhibitors and the unique Wynn’s Friction Proofing package of anti-wear agents.


The multi-functional additives present in Wynn’s High Performance Lubricant Supplement provide the following benefits:-

  • Supplement and replace gear oil extreme pressure additives lost through depletion.
  • Prevent welding and galling of gear surfaces under high load conditions.

  • Control and reduce frictional horsepower loss resulting from direct metal to metal contact and high unit loads.

  • Provide increased anti-rust control to commercially available gear lubricants.

  • Provide increased anti-rust protection to units subjected to direct water contamination or humid conditions.

  • Control and reduce oil oxidation. Retard lubricant thickening.

  • Control lubricant foaming to ensure proper gear lubrication.

  • Assure maximum lubricant film protection on opposing gear surfaces.


Wynn’s High Performance Lubricant Supplement is particularly suited to most heavily loaded automotive transmissions, differentials, final drives and oil filled hubs of heavy duty fleet/transport vehicles and trailers. Wynn’s High Performance Lubricant Supplement can also be used in industrial gearboxes using extreme pressure or industrial gear oils.