Octane Boost

Part Number: 43818 - 325ml

Wynn’s® Professional Formula Octane Boost is a specifically formulated, non-leaded fuel additive for petrol engines that increases the octane number of any grade of petrol used. Wynn’s® Octane Boost provides a noticeable improvement to engine power & performance


  • Improves engine performance & acceleration
  • Increases the Research Octane Number (RON) up to 5 units
  • Reduces & prevents pinging of petrol engines
  • Avoids mechanical damage caused by pinging (engine knocking)
  • Prevents valve seat wear.
  • Provides upper cylinder lubrication
  • Helps reduce intake valve deposits
  • Safe for catalytic converters & oxygen sensors
  • Safe for use in turbo-charged engines

For superior results, use in conjunction with  Wynn’s® Inject-A-Clean Aerosol #71815 and Wynn’s® Inject-A-Clean Regulator #IC3000'

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