Automatic Trans Flush Kit


Wynn's® Transerve® III Flush & Fill Machine #08700

A typical drain-and-refill service replaces only 40% of the old contaminated ATF..

Degraded fluid can cause:
• Transmission shudder
• Sludge, varnish & gum deposits
• Transmission overheating

Automatic Transmission Flush

  • Cleans internal transmission components
  • Safely removes varnish deposits
  • Prepares transmission for new fluid
  • Product must be used with Wynn’s® Transmission Flush equipment.

Automatic Transmission Treatment

  • Transforms Dexron® III/Mercon® ATF into a highly friction modified OEM replacement fluid
  • Fully synthetic formula containing Wynn’s® Shudderguard™ Automatic Transmission
  • Treatment chemistry
  • Improves low temperature performance when added to mineral oil based ATF's
  • Compatible with all ATF's, including synthetic & semi-synthetic
  • Formulated to eliminate shudder in automatic transmissions
  • Helps stop fluid related shifting problems
  • Compatible with all transmission materials and components
  • Helps stop & prevent leaks
  • Revitalises transmission seals & o-rings
  • Helps extend transmission fluid & transmission life.